Whats Happening?
Thank you Maria Allen for the many hours of time you volunteered to provide the wonderful
photography for our new Community Website.  
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Community Events
The following is a summary of regular community events that you may like to make note of.   These events and others are normally posted on the "Community Calendar".
  • Board of Directors (BOD) Meetings - are typically held once a month, but some months there are no meetings.    The dates for these meetings are normally set by the BOD at the previous meeting so that members can plan if they want to attend.  
  • Open Forum - At each Board Meeting time is allowed for residents who wish to address the Board to speak.    If attending and you wish to speak, add your name to the "sign-up" sheet on the table at the door.
  • Architectural Review Meetings (ARB) - Meetings of the Architectural Review Committee are normally held twice a month on the first and third Thursday.    If you have plans to improve your home that impact the exterior appearance, then you need ARB approval before commencing your work.    Go to "Forms" under the Documents Menu or "Architectural Review Board" under the Residents Menu to make a copy of the ARB application form to submit for your work.   Be sure to be aware of the deadline for submittal to have your application reviewed at the regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Annual Member's Meeting - This meeting is held once a year and normally is schedule during the first or second week of May.   It is at this meeting that the members hold elections for the Board of Directors.  
  • Annual Budget Meeting - There is one Annual Budget Meeting each year, at which time the Board of Directors presents a draft budget for the coming year.   This meeting is typically held in late October or early November so that the Board of Directors has time to approve the new budget and notify the residents of any change in Dues 30 days before the Association fees become due on January of the new year (December 1).
  • Community Yard Sales - There are two yearly Community Yard Sales organized by Volunteer members of the Association.   Private sales are not allowed.    During the sale visitors are allowed from outside the community to attend the sale.    The sale winds down early afternoon and normally arrangements are made for Goodwill to pick up any items which you wish to dispose of that weren't taken in the sale.
  • Christmas Parade - Each year before Christmas the community has it's Annual Christmas parade.    Anyone who wants to participate is welcome.
  • Happy Nite Out -  This is an Association function that takes place on the 2nd Friday of each month, unless scheduled differently.    This is a get-together at the Clubhouse for socializing or playing games.   It is a chance to get to know your neighbors and develop friendships.
Community Calendar
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Current Projects
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Whats New?
10/27/2016  The Community Website update is just now being completed.  (More detail under "Current Projects" above).    It is our hope that this new and more modern website will add value to the homes in our community by making information more available to those who market homes in Buckingham Estates and by creating a more professional and desirable first impression for those considering living here.    
Any ideas you have to improve it or photos you would like to submit for our portfolios are welcome.  Let us know if you come across any links that don't work.